Product Brief:

Vision Care Market is an extremely vast industry with numerous product types be it Rx Lenses, Frames, Contact Lenses, Non-Rx Sunglasses, Readers and more. With growing technology and population addiction to the digital world, the vision care products are very well expected to grow in quality and quantity in the coming years. High investments from leading players of the market and constant research for improving the manufacture and supply process of the eyeglasses, lenses and other eye wears, is clearly encouraging the sales of the market.

Products of the Vision care Market such as Rx lenses and contact lenses require a prescription for purchase while frames, non-Rx sunglasses, and readers are cosmetic products that can be purchased like any other apparel or accessories. The demand for prescription-based vision care products has gradually increased in the US.

Market Growth Trends:

Vision Care Market: The coming 5-10 years is going to witness even more number of product ranges blended with technology and high-end services with regards to ensuring a global healthy vision care plan.

Google Glass (Touch and connect to Bluetooth) is one invention that has somewhere down the lane threatened the traditional eye care industry. There has been noted an increase in number of eye clinic and vision center; thus rising demand and number of eye doctors: be it ophthalmologist, optometrist or any other eye specialist.

Rate and records of eye surgery (esp. cataract surgery) is rising with passing days; thus the need for more eye doctor around the globe. Clearly, there are more than enough number of eye care center and other Visioncare opportunities globally.

World population is growing aware day by day about the need for an eye examination and the rising adoption of this eye test is driving the global revenue generation of the Vision care Market. Online Sales Channels are playing a major role in creating awareness about the importance of eye health and eye test.

The U.S. is seen to have a good number of mass retailers in the process of treating the patients with primary eye care. There is seen a rise in eye professionals around the globe owing to two major market drivers like increase in number of people suffering from eye disorders and the growing fashion trends leading to adoption of various types of sunglasses, powerless frames and even various colors of contact lenses.

Intense competition among top brands is accounted to be one of the major challenges for the Vision Care Market, according to study.

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Geographical Brief:

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of the World are the major regional markets for vision care devices. However, the developed regions like North America and Europe are expected to grow at a slower pace during the forecast period due the saturation in these markets. The Asian region on the other hand is anticipated to grow at a faster pace due to the changing lifestyles and rising per capita incomes boosting the demand for ophthalmology devices in this region.

Key Market Vendors:

CooperVision, Inc., Alcon, Inc., Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc, Cornell University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and lastly, University of Washington: few of the players in Vision Care Market.

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