Fuel/petroleum dye is a natural or else synthetic colored substance used to add color to the gasoline, petroleum products and has an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied. Fuel/petroleum dyes are complex unsaturated aromatic substance having characteristics like solubility, intense color and substansiveness. Furthermore, there are some colorless chemicals added to fuels called Markers; these are detected by adding a specific reagent to produce a colour or by placing a sample in spectrophotometer to obtain a quantitative result. Dyes in powder form have a higher value than liquid formulations.

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The report explains the global Fuel/Petroleum Dyes and Markers market segmented on the basis of form, color, types, application and geography. Global Fuel/Petroleum Dyes and Markers market is classified into different forms such as Liquid, Powder and Solvent. Fuel/ Petroleum Dyes exist in various colors such as Red Dye, Purple Dye, Yellow Dye, Black Dye and Green Dye. Based on types, Global Fuel/Petroleum Dyes and Markers market is classified into Fluorescent Dye, Ethyl dyes, Azo dyes and others. Fuel/Petroleum Dyes and Markers is used in different applications such gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, marine fuels and others. Each of these segments is further broken down to give an in-depth analysis of the market. The report analyses the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes and Markers market in various applications and covers the market demand with respective regions.

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This report provides detailed information about the product value chain right from the beginning which includes raw materials till end-use. The market is evaluated based on the key attributes such as the power in the hands of producers and consumers, analysis on the degree of competition, and threats from substitutes and new entrants.

The report also includes the overview of:

  • BASF SE,
  • S. Harrison & Co Pty Ltd.,
  • Improchem Pty Ltd and others.

The report also provides a market overview for the Fuel/Petroleum Dyes and Markers equipment market. The study includes the demand of this particular market on a global and regional scale for a six-year period of 2014-2020, both in terms of volume (kilo tons) and revenue ($ million).

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