The Report “Orthotic Devices Market – By Type (Knee Braces & Supports, Ankle Braces & Supports Upper Extremity Braces & Supports and Others), By Application (Injuries, Chronic Diseases, Disabilities, Pediatrics) and By Geography, Forecast 2015-2020”, Published by MarketIntelReports, Manufacturing Innovations & Increasing Awareness towards Orthopedic Ailments Will Drive Orthotic Devices to a $4 Billion plus Market by 2020

Browse 243 Pages Global Orthotic Devices Market Research Report–supports-ankle-braces–supports-upper-extremity-braces–supports-and-others-by-application-injuries-chronic-diseases-disabilities-pediatrics–with-forecast-2015-2020

The global orthotics market can be segmented on basis of method of manufacturing, type and end user applications. By method of manufacturing, the market can be divided into prefabricated, over-the-counter and custom orthotic devices. Various types of orthotic devices are used such as knee braces and supports, ankle braces and supports, spinal braces and supports and others. These are mainly used for injuries, chronic diseases, disabilities and for other problems.

The crucial driving factors accelerating the market are rapid increase in aging population; high incidence of chronic diseases and disabilities and rise in sport injuries. Another factor propelling the market is growing awareness among the people about orthotic devices.
Table of Contents in Brief:

Orthotic Devices – Market Landscape 
Market Share Analysis
Comparative Analysis
Product Benchmarking
Patent Analysis
Top Five Financials Analysis
Orthotic Devices – Market Forces
Market Drivers 

Rapidly Aging Population To Increase Demand For Orthotic Devices
Growing Incidence of Chronic Diseases To Drive the Growth of Orthotics Market
Rapid Urbanization And Associated Lifestyle Diseases Drive The Demand For Orthotic Supports
Disabilities To Spur The Adoption of Orthotic Devices
Increased Focus On Improving Quality of Life
Innovations In Production And Modeling Technologies
Growing Awareness Towards Orthopedic Ailments
Rise In Sports Injuries To Drive The Sales of braces And Supports
Market Restraints 

Cultural Inhibitions To Restrict Large-Scale Use of Orthotics
High Cost of Custom-Made Orthotic Devices
Growth In Minimally Invasive Surgeries To Dampen The Use of Orthotic Devices
Market Challenges 

Healthcare Budget Restraints To Challenge The Growth of Orthotic Device Market
Poor Healthcare Reimbursement And Payment Models To Hamper The Adoption of Orthotics
Consolidation of Market Leaders To Create Significant Growth Challenge For Smaller Companies
Attractiveness of The Orthotic Devices Market 

Power of Suppliers
Power of Customers
Threat of New Entrants
Threat of Substitution
Degree of Competition
Orthotic Devices Market – Startup Scenario 

Orthotic Devices Market –Government Regulations
North America
Rest of The World
Orthotic Devices Market – Strategic Analysis 

Value Chain Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Opportunity analysis
Prospective Customer Base To Drive The Growth of Asian Orthotics Market
Need For Quality Healthcare In Mena Region Holds Potential For Growth of Orthotic Devices
3d Imaging To Revolutionize The Orthotic Devices Market
Product Life Cycle Analysis
Orthotic Devices Market – Classification 

Orthotics Devices Market – By Method of Manufacturing
Prefabricated Over-The-Counter (Oct.) Orthotic Devices
Custom Orthotic Devices
Orthotics Devices Market – By Type of Device 

Knee Braces And Supports
Ankle Braces And Supports
Upper Extremity Braces And Supports
Spinal Braces And Supports
Foot Insoles Market
Orthotics Devices Market – By End-User Applications 

Chronic Diseases
Support Applications
Orthotic Devices Market – Geographical Analysis

North America
Rest of the World 

Orthotic Devices– Market Entropy
Most Preferred Strategy – Inorganic Growth
Custom Foot Insoles – Market Entropy
Custom Foot Insoles – Product Launches
New Product Launches
Mergers &Acquisitions
Business Expansion
Orthotic Devices Market – Company Profiles

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North America is the dominant market of orthotic devices and will continue to lead the market in future. The major trend driving the market in this region is increase in incidences of chronic diseases that includes diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Europe followed by APAC are the other leading region of the market. The major driving factor for growth of this market in Europe is rapidly aging population as well as availability of a wide patient pool requiring urgent orthotic support and attention. APAC has population account for over half of world’s aged population. Thus, this region is the fastest emerging market.

The key players of the market are: 

  • DJO Global Inc. (U.S.)
  • Otto Bock Holding GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Ossur hf. (Iceland)
  • Bauerfeind AG (Germany)
  • DeRoyal Industries, Inc. (U.S.).

The data has been gathered from primary and secondary sources. The overall market has been analyzed on basis of shipment volumes of knee braces and supports, ankle braces and supports, upper extremity braces and supports, foot insole and spinal braces and supports. The market values are also calculated on basis of different chronic diseases, injuries and disabilities following the epidemiology model.

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