Publisher has completed a seven-month people panel research undertaking, with members logging and rating their wide-ranging viewing experiences across publisher properties monetizing with in-stream video advertising placed against multiple non-linear channels and devices.

The diary-driven research entitled In-Stream Video Advertising Benchmarks by Device: Audiences Rate the Best to the Worst Publishers Delivering Cross-Channel, Ad-Supported Programming 2015 – 2016 assembled a panel of viewers to watch and rate their experiences when interacting with digital video programming online.

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Regardless of linear broadcasting pedigree, legacy businesses or upstart internet only publisher counterparts spooling out digital video programming, there are many surprises and thought provoking insights contained in the panel’s evaluations of non-linear viewing across all device platforms (desktop, mobile/tablet, VOD/set top box).

The panel’s comprehensive research diaries have been compiled into actionable databases designed to yield a highly customized wealth of in-stream video advertising performance information, powered by first person, audience-driven data sets that include:

  • Brand advertisers buying against specific publishers and devices
  • Total non-linear publisher inventory allocated (i.e. number ad pods and spot lengths)
  • Publishers that deliver a quality content viewing experience supported by in-stream video advertising by device/OS (rated A trough F)
  • Publishers that are not delivering a quality content viewing experience supported by in-stream video advertising by device/OS (rated A through F)
  • Publishers with over-sold inventory producing impression fatigue
  • Publishers with under-sold inventory or limited brand advertisers that negatively impacts the viewing experience and results in both creative and impression fatigue
  • Ad insertion frequencies and inventory allocated against short form content
  • Ad inventory and insertion frequencies across all devices and publishers monetizing with video against long-form/episodic content
  • An extensive database that can be sorted by publisher, brand advertiser, insertion frequencies, total inventory by content format, audience experience ratings by device/OS (rated A through F), by content category (news, sports, television, entertainment, kids), by publisher category (television, cable, newspaper/magazine, radio and audience platforms such as YouTube)
  • How VOD channel in-stream advertising performs relative to other non-linear platforms including desktop, Android and iOS devices
  • Number of publishers enabling Chromecast device-to-TV viewing

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 This panel research adds adtech execution clarity to the current state of in-stream video advertising performance: Where the industry is getting it right and where efforts fall short.

The data indicates a host of opportunities to improve the overall experience through more sophisticated technology deployment/upgrades, plus a greater understanding of what audiences are actually experiencing when choosing non-linear viewing channels.

This audience panel research offers insights to brand advertisers looking for the best vehicles to present their message, to adtech vendors with evolved technologies looking for sell-in opportunities, to publishers pitching their brand partners and can provide first-hand audience feedback on the advertising experience associated with their non-linear viewing channels, and investors of all stripes eager to participate in this dynamic marketplace.

The complete database is offered for a single licensing fee, with additional requests for specific sorts and data analysis plus phone-based consulting time included.

Publisher produces investment grade industry and trade research bridging digital video, internet music radio, download entertainment, digital video/audio advertising/spend, video and mobile adtech platform revenue and M & A valuations, ecosystem trade surveys and support, CDN and integrated media optimization software, ecosystem integrator services, and conducts AvailPlay advertising and audience experience, digital diary and video impression monitoring services on-demand.

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